Technical Bulletin 1    Loadmaster Reroof & Repairs



Make temporary emergency repairs only where needed.

Contractors or Roofing Contractors should not attempt to reroof or make permanent repairs to a Loadmaster Roof Deck without first contacting a licensed Loadmaster Contractor. Application of conventional roof insulation materials to an existing Loadmaster assembly may violate building codes and compromise the structural integrity of the building envelope.

Loadmaster roof decks are patented engineered roof deck assemblies, engineered to provide specific performance enhancements to the roof structure. Modifications with non-Loadmaster components, or by a non-licensed Loadmaster contractor could contribute to a structural failure of the roof deck / roof assembly and may result in the building owner's insurance being declared null and void by the insurer, should a loss occur.

Please contact Deck Systems immediately for assistance with repair, or reroofing an existing Loadmaster Roof Deck. 

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